Who is Type A?

Hello! I'm Rochelle. Friends refer to me as being a bit of a Type-A personality, and I carry the badge with humor and honor.
I am a freelance editor, copywriter, and social media consultant living in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. In June of 2012, I graduated from the University of Washington's editing certificate program. Since I was a little girl, I knew that I wanted to play with words when I grew up. After eleven years of managing a residential real estate office, I realized my dream of working with words as a full-time occupation. Whether it's my original content or others' writing that simply needs a little polish, there's an intense feeling of satisfaction when our collaboration results in concise, compelling copy for my clients.
Via my freelance clients and word-of-mouth contacts, I have become a bit of an addict in the realm of social media. You might be surprised to learn how many freelancers are starved for "water cooler" conversation; social media facilitates this need to connect. As someone who loves to share information with people, acting as a social media consultant has been a natural step in my professional advancement. It thrills me when my online connections turn into great friends, resources, and often clients; I welcome the opportunity to connect with you on LinkedIn or Twitter.
If you'd like assistance with new or existing content, or if you would like help with your social media presence, please reach out! I am also happy to sit down one-on-one to educate confused but curious people about the joys and pitfalls of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and the like.
I look forward to connecting with you!




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