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Slow Love: Dominique Browning Visits Seattle


Signed Copy of Slow Love

It is a rare treat to meet an author that has greatly affected how one shapes their views of the world. Though I only discovered Dominique Browning last November, her words have struck a chord and influenced my perspective on life. On Saturday night, I had the pleasure of sitting in the basement of Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle and joining fellow readers and admirers of Ms. Browning. Browning wrote Slow Love – a book just released in paperback and the reason behind Browning’s visit to Seattle – in which she chronicles life after House and Garden, the magazine she edited, is abruptly shut down. After the magazine folded, she struggled not only to get out of her pajamas every day, but also to find her place in the world as an unemployed person. Forced to discover a new sense of self after decades spent as influential member of the literary cognoscenti in Manhattan.Continue reading

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