Noetic Nights

Seattle, About Town

People always ask me if I am in a book club. I was, years ago, but I found that committing to a book a month that was chosen by someone else took up too much of my time. I loved the monthly get-together & subsequent conversation, but I longed for something co-ed and more open-ended.

Years ago, an AP article in The Times (NY, Seattle? I can’t remember) featured a photo of smiling couple in the foreground and a crowded lecture hall behind them. They met at a series of events geared towards adult learners. Most of them had closed the chapter on their high school and college years, but still considered themselves students of life. Because, let’s face it, some of us aim to learn until the day we die.

This story planted the seed of an idea for me. What if we could do something like that locally? Not geared toward dating or specifically meeting people, it would simply be a night to stimulate the noggin, as well as conversation after the event is over. I came up with this:

Noetic ( |nōˈetik|adjectiveof or relating to mental activity or the intellect ) Nights

I will post the monthly events as soon as I learn about them so people can purchase tickets (if required) accordingly. The first two events just happen to be at Town Hall, but other venues will likely be UW, Night School at the Sorrento Hotel, Benaroya, and bookstores such as Elliott Bay Books.

Once people message me that they are attending, I will make arrangements at a local watering hole to gather at after the event so we can chat about what we just learned. There may be 2 people or there may be 20. Feel free to invite friends and please share any events with me that you learn about that might be fitting for a NN.


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