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One of my favorite “daddy bloggers,” Jim Griffioen, had an interesting perspective to share on today’s Apartment Therapy. His sentiments were along the vein of my thoughts from earlier in the week on why we write, many of us so very publicly.

“Because I have a blog to collect and share my thoughts, experiences, and creations, I do believe I have been able to live with more positivity and joy than if it wasn’t all so public. When writing publicly about your life, I think there’s a natural tendency to try to live a better one. You do fun things you might not ordinarily do because you have the privilege of sharing those things with others. You find whatever inspiration there is in an ordinary day and you share it with strangers. And you are better for it.”

Not to sound like a broken record if you have read my earlier posts, but I am immensely grateful for the writers in the blogosphere that share their lives. Until today, I had never thought about how the chicken might come before the egg when it comes to writing for the public.

I don’t believe that I consciously engage with the world in a way that my mind, in its distant corners, is thinking “This would make for a great blog post!” It is definitely the other way around for me. When I sit down to write in this space, I think back to recent conversations or snippets from my readings — attempting to parse out something worthy of sharing. Sometimes, there’s not much. But I like Griffioen’s angle.

If blogging publicly is the impetus for a writer to live a fuller life or see it with eyes that are recording for later recounting, it’s not a bad thing. It’s simply new to me and the idea of it is something for me to ponder.

I thought you might like it too.

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